Maisha (pronounced ‘May-sha’) means “life” in Swahili. The staff at Maisha Fitness work with the aim to encourage and inspire our whole community to live life in good health and with vitality.
Whatever your goals – whether they be improving your general fitness and increasing your energy levels to get through your day, or you have specific needs within your chosen sport or work, we have experienced staff that can help you to reach them and get results.
Typically we find people want to improve their muscle tone, core strength and balance or have a specific health issue that exercise will help improve. Other’s wish to attain their ideal weight and sustain it, need assistance with injury rehabilitation or need help in reducing the stress in their lives.
Helping you to become self motivated and knowledgeable about your best exercise options both in the gym and at home is a large part of our mission. When the mind is set clearly in the direction that you desire, your body will follow. Couple that with the specific exercises that match your goal, and results will come.